Beaune - escape game : Il faut sauver le vignoble !

  • Place :
    • Beaune
  • Langue :
    • Français


Hear, hear knight, knightess!

To know

DescriptionHave you seen the cabotte dedicated to the Dukes of Burgundy on the tour of the Cité in Beaune? They played an important role in the development of winegrowing in Burgundy!
In the Middle Ages, like the Dukes of Burgundy, each noble family had its own coat of arms, making it easy to identify themselves and their friends and enemies.
Take inspiration from the great Dukes of Burgundy to create your own coat of arms, just like in the Middle Ages! Discover the rules and secrets of heraldry, the science of coats of arms, and use the symbols to invent a unique coat of arms affixed to your shield!

  •     Short thematic tour of the exhibition, focusing on the Dukes and their coats of arms
  •     Create your own coat of arms using elements from the Dukes' coats of arms
  •     Create a shield and affix your coat of arms to it.

Duration: 2 hours
Price: €15 for one adult and one child
Useful informationLa présence d'un adulte est obligatoire.
Activité pour les enfants de 7 à 12 ans.
Le prix de 15€ inclut pour un adulte et un enfant une courte visite guidée et une activité encadrée par une médiatrice.
Merci de vous présenter à l'accueil de la Cité pour pouvoir être dirigés vers la salle d'activité.