Cité discovery ticket: tour + 45' workshop - Art of tasting

  • Place :
    • Beaune
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    • Français


A unique ticket to discover Burgundy's vineyards, from history to the art of tasting!

To know

DescriptionWith this discovery ticket, take advantage of the scenographic tour and discover all the riches and special features of Burgundy winegrowing: the mosaic of landscapes and terroirs, traditions, wine-making....

Thanks to an educational itinerary enriched with entertaining multimedia features, immerse yourself in this great vineyard shaped by man for 2000 years!

Extend your experience with a tasting workshop!

45 minutes of initiation to learn how to look, smell and taste Burgundy wines.

To fully appreciate your Burgundy wine, let your senses take you on an astonishing journey... First appreciate the color and appearance of the wine, then smell it and soak up its aromatic power. Finally, your palate will discover the many sensations for which these great terroir wines are renowned.

Workshop illustrated by commented tasting of 3 Burgundy wines.

Tasting Burgundy wines appeals to all your senses and conveys unexpected emotions.

Duration: 2 hours 30 approx.
Price: €32.90
Useful informationThey are open to everyone aged 18 and over (children and minors are not allowed), with no prior knowledge of Burgundy wines.
Please arrive 5 minutes before the start of your workshop to validate your ticket.
Our instructor will be on hand to welcome you and guide you through the workshop.
The visit to the permanent tour is free and can be taken at any time during the day, and includes a wine or grape juice tasting.